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Does Your Elderly Parent Need Care?

Is it time to start elder care services in your parents’ home? Should mom move in with you? Is it time to look for a care facility? Is keeping up a home too much for your elderly parent? Is it time to take the car away? These are very common questions that adult children are... Read more

Made by Me: A Thanksgiving Crafternoon

It was just a few hours, but it was a few hours that mattered. Tony and Veronica Singfield, owners of Preferred Care at Home North Atlanta, armed with craft supplies and cookies hosted a Thanksgiving Crafternoon with the seniors at Del Mar Gardens of Smyrna. This particular “Crafternoon” was dedicated to making Thanksgiving cards to... Read more

Senior Home Care: Work Hard and Help Others

For my entire life I have watched my parents work diligently to help the elderly in their community. When I was just a baby, I was brought to the office and propped on the desk as my dad made placements and talked to clients and caregivers. The message I was taught from a young age... Read more

Home Safety: 5 Tips to a Safer Home

Are you aware of the safety hazards that may be lurking around every corner of your home? The family room rug that keeps bunching up or the light bulb that’s out in the hallway may seem like small annoyances, but can quickly turn into safety hazards for you or your senior loved one. The month... Read more

The Power of Presence

It may seem like a simple thing, but there is something powerful about the presence of another person. The presence of another can calm fears, easy loneliness and clear confusion. It has the power to bring joy and peace to a room. The presence of another is powerful. At Preferred Care at Home we understand... Read more

Giving Thanks for Family Caregivers

Across Facebook and other social media accounts, many of my “friends” are dedicating the month of November to giving thanks. Each day they post something they are thankful for. These posts range from the customary “I’m thankful for my friends and family” to being thankful for soft pillows, chocolate, and sweat pants. I’ll be honest,... Read more

Fostering the Beauty of Personality

Our distinctive personality makes us who we are. Personality can be expressed in a variety of ways, but its most simplistic explanation is its a persons thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. There are so many components that make up personality that it is often difficult to talk about because it is what gives a person beauty... Read more

Detecting Depression in Seniors

The word “depression” has become a normal part of casual conversation in today’s world. You have probably heard people describe their emotional state as “depressed.” The general conception is that the person is sad, whether or not they are clinically diagnosed with depression is unknown. Yet, however common place it is to describe yourself or... Read more

A Good Meal Provides More than Nutrition for Seniors

If there is one thing I enjoy, it’s a delicious meal around a well-set table full of family and friends. The process of planning a meal and arranging the centerpiece is therapeutic for me, a process that I immensely enjoy. As people gather for conversation and relationships a feast takes place, a feast for the... Read more

Readmission Risk for Seniors: Lack of Education about Chronic-Illness Care

About 80 percent of seniors have a chronic illness, according to the CDC. Half have at least two. Yet many don’t fully understand their symptoms and what to do when they have a problem. I have dedicated over a month of time to discuss the Smooth Transition Care and the Personal Health Record, both of... Read more

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