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Washington’s Wooden Teeth

Ask most people to name some things about our first president and chances are you’ll hear about cherry trees and wooden teeth. So it would probably surprise those people that neither stories are actually true. George Washington likely never cut down his dad’s cherry tree as a child (the story in which he famously said... Read more

Senior Home Care Services Created Just for You

Since 1984, my family has been committed to providing reliable, compassionate, and affordable senior home care services in the comfort and security of your beloved home, or wherever you call home. The process of starting home care services is often a daunting one, but it doesn’t have to be. The truth is, your care services... Read more

Shared Adventures: Including Seniors in Your Travel Plans

The 13 of us made quite the entrance into Magic Kingdom. Our 4-generation family group included three children under the age of three, an 86 year old, two strollers, and a wheelchair. We all posed smiling in front of Cinderella’s Castle in Minnie and Mickey Mouse t-shirts; our three-day adventure at the Disney World theme... Read more

Homeward Bound

Greetings one and all…. I am composing this blog at 30,000 feet—winging my way back from New Hampshire after four days of presenting and recording programs. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I am delighted to be homeward bound. But then, I always am. I am such a home body. There is no place like... Read more

6 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

These hot summer temperatures are more than uncomfortable, they can be dangerous, especially for seniors. Here are some important summer safety tips for the elderly to beat the heat and thrive this summer. 1. Avoid the Heat. Choose activities and outings that avoid being outside for extended periods of time. Trips to shopping malls, libraries,... Read more

Understanding Live-in Care

Do you live on your own? Are you lonely? Do you have a fear of falling? Is meal preparation difficult and often involves a microwave meal? Is there dust build up on your mantle? If you answered “yes” to these questions, our live-in care service may be the answer. So, what is live-in care? Live-in... Read more

Companion Care Encourages Activity

Companion Care
“A good companion shortens the longest road.” ~ Turkish Proverb The best motivation to accomplish an activity, errand, or chore is to have someone do it with you. I am social by nature and I love experiencing new things, or even doing the same thing, in the company of another person. I find it much... Read more

Home Care Providers – Safeguarding Independence

Last week was our Preferred Care at Home annual conference where owners from across the nation gather to learn, grow, and encourage one another. It is one of my favorite times of the year, and serves as a great reminder of how driven and passionate Preferred Care at Home owners are in their quest to... Read more

Caring For Your Parents at Home: Trust Your Intuition!

Follow your head and your heart
My sister, Cindy, who cared for our parents at home during both their long term illnesses shares another insight into what she found was helpful in decision-making. Cindy shares with us how important it is to listen to your intuition when it comes to caring for your parents or a patient you know and have... Read more

Caring for Father at Home: Changes in Mental Status Calls for a Safe Environment

Caring for Father at Home
This blog, is another in the Caring for Mother and Father at Home series of my sister Cindy’s insights as she cared for our father in his later years. Cindy noticed that Dad’s mental status could change dramatically and she had to learn to set up a safe environment for his care.     One... Read more

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