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What Do You See? Aging from the Inside Out

Greetings one and all… Last week I presented a new program on aging – Aging from the Inside Out. I invited people to view aging from a different perspective. Instead of focusing on the outward, physical manifestations of aging (grey hair, wrinkles, etc.), I focused on the evolution of the mind, heart, and spirit. A... Read more

The 5 C’s of Living Well and Aging Well

Greetings one and all… In the fall of every year, I contemplate possible ideas for programming in the upcoming year. I review the latest publications on all aspects of aging, end-of-life care, and caregiving. I scan trusted websites in search of themes and consistent concerns. Last year, my efforts exposed serious issues as well as... Read more

You may delay, but time will not

Time will take you through January, make sure your goals make it with... Read more

Acceptance and the Aging Process

Greetings one and all… This morning there is a definite nip in the air. Fall officially arrived last week and in Denver, we are enjoying a little preview of the coming season. Fall—my favorite time of the year. So, I am feeling incredibly blessed as I sit at my desk contemplating my schedule for the... Read more

Elder Law: Have you overlooked homonyms?

Elder Law has the same usage issues homonyms have, as many think elder law only covers wills, but that’s merely the tip of the legal... Read more

Power of Attorney: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Weddings, summer vacation, snow cones, and other summer delicacies, overshadows a season that people often fail to plan for—hurricane... Read more

Aging: The Process of Getting Older

“How do we choose to experience and to understand the aging process? Consider your answer carefully. How you choose to age will ultimately determine whether you merely endure life or enthusiastically embrace... Read more

Aging — The Shared Journey

Greetings one and all…. On this lovely fall morning, I hope you are doing well and loving life. It seems as if the pace of life has been ratcheted up several notches over the past few weeks. So, it’s time for a moment of reflection, a cup of coffee or tea, and some food for... Read more

Journey of Aging: I Feel Like a Little Old Lady

Greetings one and all…. I am enjoying a fabulous, fall-like morning in Denver—a little nip in the air that serves as a reminder that summer is almost over. YIKES! If there were any lazy days of summer, I missed them. The season was an absolute blur. So, let’s take a break and chat about life—a... Read more

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