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Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

Greetings one and all…

Spring has officially sprung according to the calendar. To confirm the arrival of the season, it felt and looked like Spring along the Front Range this week. In fact, a friend of mine noted that daffodils are blooming in her garden. A sure sign of the season. Metaphorically speaking, I am far from the “Spring” of my life. However, the season affords the opportunity to tend to my roots, plant new seeds, and nurture growth in other people. Young or old. Caregiver or care receiver. Employed or retired. The arrival of Spring is the universal invitation to re-engage with Life and ultimately thrive.  

Tend to Your Roots

A cursory inspection of my gardens this week revealed the initial signs of Life in previously dormant perennials. I never cease to be amazed by the tenacity and determination of vegetation. Despite the challenges posed by a harsh winter (sub-zero temps, ice storms, and snow), my perennials lived to flourish once again. Is there a life lesson to be learned? Absolutely! To move through the seasons of Life, we must tend to our roots:

  • Establish deep-seated roots in order to establish a strong foundation—Seek life-giving connections to people, places, beliefs, and service.
  • Protect our roots from damaging elements—Establish and maintain healthy personal and professional boundaries.
  • Stimulate our roots periodically to promote new growth—Be curious! Explore all facets of our being. Grow into our gifts.   

Plant New Seeds

Every Spring when appraising my gardens, I pronounce that there is no need and no room for any additional plants. However, that assessment changes rapidly upon the discovery of a new ground cover, bulb, or flower at the local nursery. Then the challenge becomes making room for the new addition—an addition that always enriches the space. So, my work is never done. I’ll always find a way to incorporate new seeds and plants to revitalize my garden. Perhaps another life lesson? When we are open to new opportunities, new ways of being, new ideas, new relationships, new careers, and new beliefs:

  • Diversity is welcomed rather than feared.
  • Change presents opportunities as well as challenges.
  • Life becomes a journey of unlimited possibilities.

Nurture Growth in Others

Tending a garden requires a significant commitment of time, energy, and money. However, for those of us who love to dig in the dirt, the payoff comes when we witness our gardens in full bloom. What a delight to witness the consequences of our tender loving care. We experience the same sensation when family, friends, colleagues, and clients flourish. What a blessing to observe another person in full bloom! So, how can we nurture growth in other people?

  • Believe in the unlimited potential of another person.
  • Serve as a confidant and mentor.
  • Recognize that blooming is a process. Patience is a virtue.   

As the Spring season unfolds, keep the gardening metaphor in mind. If we are to thrive and fully bloom, we must get our hands dirty! Dig deep. Nourish the roots that sustain life. Discover new growth opportunities. Choose to grow into our gifts. And encourage everyone we know to do the same. Can you imagine the resulting garden if we all choose to live life in full bloom? It would be a Spring unlike any other. Blessings on your journey……jane

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