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Memories of Family Vacations

Memories of Family Vacations

I remember going on vacation when I was a kid.  I knew some families went yearly to the same place but we didn’t really go a lot.  When I was about 10 years old, my parents rented an RV and we took off to Virginia Beach.  Us three kids would climb up in the bunk over the drivers seat and watch out the front window as we were heading down the road. We were driving through the mountains when all of a sudden we heard this really loud pop and we thought that the tire had blown.  We got out to see a very large black snake that had been sunning itself on the road and we had run it over and it was full of eggs that were broken and little snakes were inside,  at least that was my memory of it.    Wow what fun! Has your family been creating memories through vacation traditions?  Have you gone for years to the same place and met your same neighbors each year?  Now their kids are meeting your kids and the generations keep growing.  As we all get older and have families of our own, this tradition becomes so much more important to the older family members.  Will this be the last year that we all get together?  What if I’m not able to go, will everyone else still go? These are some great questions and at Preferred Care at Home, we can help your family find a solution so that you can keep making memories.  Whether you need someone to assist with preparations  or staying with your family member while you are gone, we want to help you each step of the way.  We value family traditions too.  If you need help with a family member who is no longer able to go on vacation, contact our office today to see what options you have.  We promise that they will be making memories too.

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