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Map Reading Getting From Point A to Point B

While taking a recent trip, I noticed a Grandfather and Grandson sitting on a picnic table at the rest area and they had their map wide open talking about their trip.  As they got up, the grandson carried the map to the car and got into the front passengers seat or navigators seat.  Wow what memories that brought back for me.

While I continued on my way, I thought about what are some of the differences we have with the GPS on our phones and the navigation systems in our cars.  Let’s make a list of a few of these:

  1.  The discussions between the driver and navigator about who is right when reading the map

Compare that to yelling at the voice coming out of the car or phone.

  1. Getting lost and finding yourself in a not so good neighborhood and having to lock the doors

Compared to the doors locking when you start the car now.

  1. Getting lost and finding a cute local restaurant with amazing food

There are some amazing places to see off the beaten path.

  1. The realization that the road you are on and the area you are in is just a small area on the page and that there is so much more to see and do than ever imagined
  2. The bonding between family members as everyone feels like they are part of the trip

I’m sure that we could think of so many more things as well.

Some great ideas for One Day Trips in Northeast Ohio could be a trip to the Lake Erie Islands.  Put-In-Bay is a great place to visit and the ferry will take you across.  Cedar Point is a great place to ride some of the most amazing roller coasters in the world.  Ohio has many covered bridges that make for great photo opportunities.  Maybe a trip to Amish country for some fresh homemade pies would be a trip that Grandma and Grandpa would enjoy.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Brewery would make an exciting day for any couple.  Ohio has so much to see and do.  Perhaps using a paper map for the trip would bring back some great memories.

Who knows?  The way things are going, we won’t be able to read a treasure map when we find it!

When a parent or sibling starts to forget how to get to places that they have been to 100 times, or they start to forget the names of family and friends, this can be a scary time not only for the family but also for the person affected.  Initially they know that they are forgetting things.  This is the time to contact a homecare agency to see what options there are for the family for support.  You’d be surprised at home much stress can be alleviated with just a little help from people in the business.

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