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Location, Location, Location

Location. Such an important factor in the overall quality of life as well as our ability to age well in place. How can we be proactive regarding the setting in which we... Read more

The funny thing about fungus

Every morning brings good things, bad things, fungus things, non-fungus things. What we can do is meet the day clear-minded and do our... Read more

Art of Puppeteering and Estate Planning

What did one puppet say to the other? Whatever you wanted it to! Puppeteering first came about in Ancient Greece around 5th century B.C. and has since then captivated the human... Read more

What Makes a Specialist Special?

The things that make my specialists special may seem quite ordinary: effective communication skills, familiarity with the client, good listening skills, compassionate spirit, and... Read more

Boxing Away Memory Loss

Loved ones with Alzheimer’s need family and friends more than ever for guiding and grounding their... Read more

Profiles In Care: Chris Lindberg

  Meet Chattanooga’s Newest Team Member, Chris Lindberg Preferred Care at Home is thrilled to welcome the newest member of its Administrative Team, Chris Lindberg! Chris joins the team as a Client Care Specialist, and brings with him a Masters Degree in Gerentology from the University of South Florida, as well as years of experience... Read more

Health Care: Gotta Be Proactive!

“I have no doubt that if I had not been proactive in contacting my doctor over the holiday weekend, I would have ended up back where this medical journey began—in the... Read more

Happy Independence Day!

“The idea of independence is rooted deep in the heart of every American, but, perhaps, especially our seniors. The desire to be independent does not fade as we... Read more
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