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Meet the Team: Sara Hoza and Sandy Allen

We are Sara and Sandy, two sisters, whose commitment to family has shaped and guided us to where we are today.

Our story begins in Louisville, Kentucky where we were born to Jean and James Petersdorf. Our father was a hospital administrator and known as a visionary for quality care. Our mom was a compassionate and loving stay-at-home mom who dedicated her energy and life to raising two daughters. We grew up watching her serve friends and her community, tirelessly caring for those around her. When we reflect back on our childhood we are blessed with wonderful, carefree memories under the care of our parents.

We each married and moved out of state, committing ourselves to our own growing families as our mom had set the example for us. Sara had two boys named Isaac and Mason. She home educated her boys, instilling in them a love for others and an entrepreneurial spirit. Sandy had four children named Anika, Ashley, Aden and Austin, two she adopted at the age of 10 and 12 from Ukraine. Sandy’s identity as a mother is shaped by her children and her desire for all to have a place to call home.

As we know, life has unexpected detours. Our father passed away suddenly while running leaving our mom a widow at the age of 50. Years later, life brought another unexpected detour. Mom had cancer. Suddenly we were thrust into the unknown role of caregiver while living states away. Through the days, weeks, and months ahead we did our very best to manage her care. We developed a plan where each of us would fly in for two weeks at a time, with our young children, to manage doctor visits, hospital stays, and care for our mom. These were some of our most difficult days. The emotional and physical toll that this took on our husbands, our children, and ourselves was overwhelming. Heartbreakingly, Mom feared she was a burden. We made plans to help mom move in with Sara, unfortunately, she never had the opportunity and passed away before making the move.

When we reflect back over those months of flying back and forth to care for mom, we are tremendously grateful we could be involved in her care. Our mom was a woman dedicated to the care of others and having the chance to care for her to the end was never up for question. Yet, there was no doubt, we needed help. The schedule we put together was not a sustainable plan for our families or for our mother who worried about us. We see now we needed home care. The right support would have provided incredible peace of mind for us and for our mother.

Our story has led us to where we are today–providing quality home care services in Coral Springs, Florida. We are two sisters, committed to our family, and now committed to yours. Life’s unexpected detours are too much for families to go through alone. We understand and we want to be there for you, by your side, every step of the way. We believe family matters and quality care makes a difference.

If you have questions about home care services, give us a call today at 561-467-HOME (4663). We would love to talk with you, hear your story, and share ours.

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