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Who You Gonna Call?

Who You Gonna Call?

Greetings one and all…

Over the past few weeks, I have once again been reminded of the human need and desire for meaningful relationships. Whether reading a book, chatting with friends, or presenting programs, I hear the message loud and clear—“We need each other in the good times and the bad.” So, who you gonna call when life happens? A question worthy of serious consideration.

Accidents Happen

Yesterday, I received an urgent call from my best friend. Driving home from work, she was rear-ended by another car. Thankfully, no one suffered serious injuries. However, the accident was frightening and distressing for all concerned. After the dust settled and she was safely home, we talked about her experience. She reflected how thankful she was to have someone (me) to call immediately after the accident. In fact, she called me even before dialing 911, later explaining that:

    • I am her “go to” person. So, it was her natural reaction to call me first.
    • She felt vulnerable and exposed. Talking to me gave her a renewed sense of safety and security.
    • Since she was upset, she needed a voice of reason to walk her through the process.

When accidents happen, we all seek safe harbor and a secure anchor. So, who you gonna call when accidents happen?

Who is “Your Person?”

Recently, I learned of a woman diagnosed with a serious disease. Over the past 6 months, she pursued aggressive treatments including surgery and subsequent treatments. Consequently, the debilitating side-effects are compromising her ability to work as evidenced by a recent incident at work. Upon arriving at her office one morning, she felt incredibly weak, actually fearing she might faint. When her supervisor suggested she call someone to pick her up and take her home, the woman noted that she had no one to call. Thankfully, a co-worker offered to drive the woman to her doctor’s office. This heartbreaking story highlights the blessings of having someone who is:

    • Reliable.
    • Available.
    • Able to care.

At some point in time, we will all require some level of care. When that moment arrives, who you gonna call?

You are Not Alone

I presented a program yesterday regarding the experience of companioning my brother at the end of his life. The presentation included time for those in attendance to share their own stories with each other. During the debrief, one woman noted the benefit of the small group discussion. She said, “I don’t feel alone anymore. The people in my group have walked a similar path. They get it. They get me!” The realization that she is not alone proved to be a blessing indeed. So, when you long for life-giving connections:

    • Seek companions.
    • Be a companion.
    • Courageously share your story with others.

If you are feeling isolated and alone today, who you gonna call?

The bottomline is that human beings are inherently social creatures. Sharing the journey of life with others is mutually beneficial. Therefore, if you strive to answer the call of others, you need never worry about who you gonna call. You will be part of a supportive and sustaining community resulting from your proactive outreach. So, reach out and touch someone! Have confidence in who you gonna call! Take good care and enjoy the moment. Blessings on your journey……jane

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