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After the Storm—Humbled, Grateful, Blessed

After the Storm—Humbled, Grateful, Blessed

Greetings one and all…

Regardless of where you live, it has been a rather stormy Spring season—to say the very least! Whether watching the television or logging into the internet, I read headlines about the recent tornadoes in the mid-west, the historic flooding in Oklahoma and other states, and the dire predictions of massive flooding as the snowpack begins to melt in the mountainous regions of the Western states. This past week, I encountered the vagaries of Spring weather in the mountains of Colorado. I never imagined that the last week of May would present winter weather warnings and over a foot of snow. Not the Spring getaway I had envisioned—but an adventure nonetheless.

Reflecting on this wintry Spring storm, I realized that it serves as an insightful metaphor for life. Although I would have preferred the typical 60-degree weather and sunshine while on vacation, I learned much about life and about myself in the midst of the storm as well as in the aftermath. And isn’t that true when confronted by the other “storms” of life? An unexpected diagnosis. The death of a loved one. The loss of a dream. In all instances, how we choose to weather the storm and the aftermath shapes our lived experience—for better or for worse.

What did I learn from my snow globe experience in the mountains last week? How am I choosing to respond to an unexpected storm?

  1. I am Humbled by Life—Witnessing the power of Mother Nature from the deck of my condo, I was humbled. Wave after wave of snow sliding down the slopes of the mountains created whiteout conditions. Although there was a momentary pity party since the storm negated any possibility of hiking in the mountains, I ultimately recognized:
    • The beauty in the midst of the storm—and savored the moment.
    • I had no ability to control the situation. Humbled, my frustration faded.
    • I could choose a response (positive or negative) to the storm. I was free to embrace an attitude that served me well.
  2. I have an Enhanced Sense of Gratitude—Despite the fact that the late Spring storm mandated a change in my vacation activities, I felt incredibly grateful for a variety of reasons:
    • I arrived safely at my destination a few hours before the storm hit, narrowly avoiding a significant wreck on the way.
    • I witnessed the beauty of a mountain storm from the safety of a cozy condo.
    • I shared the experience with dear friends who weathered the storm with grace and gratitude as well.
  3. I Recognize That I am Incredibly Blessed—In the midst of my stormy experience in the mountains, I was in conversation with several friends who are dealing with storms of their own. Additionally, I viewed the aftermath of the horrific storms throughout our nation. Witnessing the courage, the grace, and the faith of others in the aftermath of life-changing storms, I was once again reminded that:
    • I am blessed in countless ways—every day and in every way.
    • I fail to appreciate all of my blessings when focused on doing rather than being.
    • I become a better version of myself when I am intentionally attentive to the blessings of Life.

In the scheme of things, my wintry Spring storm is a small blip on the radar screen. However, the experience resulted in an indelible memory—a memory that serves to highlight that storms will come and go in life. How my life is affected in the aftermath is determined by my chosen attitude and response to Life. May I be wise enough to be humbled, grateful, and blessed when confronted by the inevitable storms of Life. May you be also. Blessings on your journey……jane

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