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Articles by Rene Czerkasij, Author at Preferred Care at Home

Bathing Safety for Elderly

Written By Rene Czerkasij |

Recently I evaluated an 81 year old client who had been hospitalized for exacerbation of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and had just returned home. She had been living alone in a single level apartment and her habit was to sit in the bottom of the tub for bathing. She rarely had caregiver assistance and no longer […]

5 Tips to Make Dressing With Arthritis Easier

Getting dressed in the morning can become a challenge as we age. Dressing with arthritis, for example, means dealing with flexibility and dexterity challenges. When you see a loved one struggle with putting on a sweater, getting pants over her feet or buttoning a shirt, you naturally want to step in and help. But maintaining […]

Tips to Get a Reluctant Bather With Dementia in the Tub

Written By Rene Czerkasij |

As caregivers, we often think of bathing as the time the person spends in the bath or shower, but the experience actually begins with the invitation to bathe. Loved ones with dementia are often reluctant to bathe, and we need to make their experience feel as safe and comfortable as possible. I was recently asked […]

Can’t See to Take Your Blood Sugar? The $13 Solution

Written By Rene Czerkasij |

I recently met Robert, who shared a home with a caregiver but was home alone most of the day. He wasn’t taking his blood sugar regularly due to some vision problems related to diabetic retinopathy. Monitoring your own blood sugars can involve a number of tasks requiring good fine motor skills and vision. You need […]

Tips to See Better and Keep Up Your Hobbies

Written By Rene Czerkasij |

I frequently encounter older adults sitting in a dark room, trying to read by a lamp that’s on an end table.  Most of the light is directed onto the table—very little toward the book. Eye diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration become more common as we age. They affect our quality of life […]

Memory Books in Dementia Care

Written By Rene Czerkasij |

When I began my first occupational therapy job in a skilled nursing facility, I became aware of how difficult it was for some family members to visit loved ones that had significant memory loss associated with dementia.   They felt awkward trying to make conversation with someone who could not remember past events and details that […]

Keep Tapping Your Toes

Written By Rene Czerkasij |

Sometimes you meet someone who has learned to rise above the limitations of their physical body in such a remarkable way that you cannot forget them.  Such is the story of Catherine. I found her in a single wide mobile home, sitting in a power lift chair with her body twisted by severe rheumatoid arthritis, […]

Generation Gaps

Written By Rene Czerkasij |

When I step in to meet a new home care patient and see military medals in a shadow box, I know there’s a story hidden between the stripes and stars. This time it was “Albert” and he had recently relocated to senior retirement condos after a fall at home.  He had maintained his independence at home alone until 88 […]

Homebound Heroes

Written By Rene Czerkasij |

The kitchen, the living room, the bathroom , the bedroom – these have been my work spaces for the past 8 years.  There we have worked on skills for the job of living and there I have listened to their stories.  My heroes were not found on the football field, in the movies or in […]

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