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More Grace in 2015

It’s a bit late, but Happy New Year! You see, it has been a few years since I gave or received this traditional greeting exactly at the stroke of midnight. This is because as a family caregiver who is depended on by precious loved ones, especially in the early morning, I simply can’t afford to […]

Memory Loss: Dispelling Myths on What Is Normal and What Is Not

November 14 is a day to remember, if only because it’s Memory Loss Awareness Day. But why celebrate the fact that it’s getting easier to forget things everyday? As we age it’s easy to focus on the negative attitudes about memory loss, as we struggle to remember some acquaintances name or to find a word […]

Playful Home Exercises for Bed-Bound Seniors

Slip-and-falls, a leading cause of injury-related death, are a legitimate worry among the elderly. So common are these injuries that many seniors know first hand the effects of a fall — no doubt having seen friends their age, healthy and independent, immobilized and homebound due to a sudden and unforeseen fall. Surveying the scene surrounding […]

Helpful Tips for Urgency Incontinence, Part 3

Not many things are as intrusive or meddling as an overactive bladder (also known as urgency incontinence). So, when your elderly loved one starts having urinary urgency issues (an overactive bladder), it might be time to come up with effective, healthy strategies so that they can continue to live their life. Without a plan, all […]

Helpful Tips for Stress Incontinence, Part 2

As caregivers, our primary role is to assist loved ones who struggle with incontinence by preventing infection through the promotion of safe habits and good hygiene. An important related responsibility is making sure we preserve their dignity and physical independence. Both roles are necessary, succeeding in one and not the other often leads to lopsided […]

Understanding Urinary Incontinence in the Elderly, Part 1

Most elderly place high value on their independence and it is extremely important to them to have input and control in their care. At Preferred Care at Home, we encourage our caregivers and family caregivers to support this wonderful spirit of independence in their loved ones, and at the same time watch for opportunities to […]

Family Caregiver Alert: Flu Vaccination for the Elderly in Light of Newly Published Study

As a family caregiver, you understand the importance of getting your elderly parents the flu vaccination. Yet, with busy schedules and demands stretching you in too many directions getting your loved one’s vaccination may have slipped through the cracks. While most group care facilities order their flu vaccines months in advance and have usually completed […]

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