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Articles by Leigh Ann Otte, Author at Preferred Care at Home

Care for Someone With Alzheimer’s? Watch for Sneaky Symptoms to Avoid the Hospital

Written By Leigh Ann Otte |

A hospital stay is tough on anyone but especially on people who have Alzheimer’s, as the Associated Press points out in a recent article. It’s hard for them to be in an unfamiliar environment with strangers coming in all the time. Yet people with dementia are hospitalized more than other adults, “often for preventable reasons […]

Report: Home Care Rates Steady; Nursing Homes Rates Rising

The annual cost-of-care survey from Genworth Financial is out. Its main message? Long-term care rates are skyrocketing … with the exception of one major set of services: in-home care. Over the last five years, in-home care rates have risen just 0.84 percent, according to the U.S. News & World Report blog The Best Life. This […]

News Break: Many Veterans Missing Out on Government Money They Could Use for Home Care

Many veterans 65 and older are missing out on money they could be getting from the government. And, despite popular belief, service-related disability isn’t required for this benefit. In fact, no kind of disability is. But you can use this money for home care. The benefit is called the Improved Pension. We explain it in […]

News Break: Fighting Alzheimer’s Stigma; Feeling Liberated and Cared For

Written By Leigh Ann Otte | alzheimer'sstigma

It can be difficult to open up about challenges in your life. Sometimes you don’t want to share something private with the world. Other times you’re going through denial, and talking about it would make it real. But then there’s the fear of stigma. When it comes to Alzheimer’s, that’s often what keeps people quiet, […]

News Break: How to Be an Assertive Caregiver

Friday, we talked about signs you’ve taken on too much stress as a family caregiver. But what if it’s not the to-do list that’s causing that stress? What if it’s other people? Caregiving is challenging enough without having to deal with troublemakers. But those of us who aren’t naturally assertive are on a learning curve […]

News Break: Eldercare Assistance From Work Goes Unused, Employers Claim

Juggling work and caregiving is often difficult. But your workplace may also be a source of help, points out Alexis Abramson, Ph.D., author of The Caregivers Survival Handbook—even if you don’t realize it. In an article at about male caregivers and workplace discrimination, Abramson offers three tips “to promote a culture of caregiving in the […]

News Break: Therapy for Caregivers

Post-traumatic stress. We associate it with soldiers returning from war and victims of violent crimes or disasters. Caregivers? Not so much. But actually, caregiving can be traumatic, can’t it? You may be watching a loved one deteriorate, all the while taking on tasks you were never trained to do and perhaps don’t even have the […]

News Break: Why Caregivers Feel Guilty

Written By Leigh Ann Otte | mental health

For some people, guilt is as tied to caregiving as stress or pressure is. It’s just one of those things that comes with the territory. But why? Why, when you’re doing the best you can, do you still so often feel that pang? At the website for the Boston Globe, Suzanne Koven, a primary care […]

News Break: Should There Be Hospice Greeting Cards?

Written By Leigh Ann Otte | hospice

When you don’t know what to say—when someone’s going through a hard time—well, there’s always Hallmark. Root through the stack and pull out a “get well soon” card or a “my condolences.” It seems like there’s a greeting card for just about every situation … except dying. When Regina Holliday’s husband, Fred, had cancer, they […]

News Break: Home Help Required to Stem Hospital Readmissions, AP Reports

Written By Leigh Ann Otte |

Almost one in five Medicare patients gets another go-round in the hospital within a month of being released. Hospitals have been trying to reduce this readmission rate, but the thing is, the causes aren’t all related to the hospital stay. Some causes happen at home. So, in many cases, to prevent hospital readmissions, “hospitals will […]

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