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Safety and Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

In 2014, Americans were written a total of 4.33 billion prescriptions per Mayo Clinic statistics. They also report that the average American is written more than 13 prescriptions a year. The World Health Organization has found that this number of prescriptions is over nine times the level of prescriptions written in western Europe, which is […]

Ways to Reduce Your Lower Back Pain

Back Pain

Well, it seems that if we live long enough, we develop some kind of back pain! Sciatica which is a common diagnosis causes at least 5% of back pain. This pain can be superficial or deep, constant or intermittent. There may be pain that is described as sharp and stabbing and may interfere with sleep. […]

Record Keeping: Your Personal Health Record

My parents were fortunate to be cared for at home during their later years in life.  Much of their care was provided by my sister, Cindy.  For a period of ten years prior to their deaths, my parents had multiple physicians, each specializing in a particular system.  Mom and Dad were veterans of health care […]

Sleep Deprivation and Insulin Resistance

I have written on the subject of sleep deprivation before because I know as caregivers we are not apt to get the amount that we need yet it is so vital to our well-being. One should strive for eight to eight and a half hours of sleep per night.  In the following blog, we will […]

Caring For Your Parents at Home: Trust Your Intuition!

Follow your head and your heart

My sister, Cindy, who cared for our parents at home during both their long term illnesses shares another insight into what she found was helpful in decision-making. Cindy shares with us how important it is to listen to your intuition when it comes to caring for your parents or a patient you know and have […]

Women Caregivers: Don’t Ignore Your Own Care Needs!

Women Caregivers

Many of the caregivers for elderly parents are women, some sources say at least 66%, and the age of most of these women is between 48 and 49. These dedicated women have care needs of their own.   On a recent Saturday, I was notified of a dear friend’s hospitalization.   It was hard to fathom […]

Anxious About Everything?

Anxious About Everything?

As caregivers, at times we may find ourselves overly worried, worn out, anxious and needing support, but certainly we haven’t developed an anxiety disorder…right? Can’t sleep at night? Constantly worried to the point of being unable to relax? A growing number of Americans experience so much anxiety that their lives are disrupted. According to the […]

A Caregiver’s Story: Being a Patient Advocate

Caregiver - Patient's Advocate

I am providing you with another experience from my sister Cindy, as she cared for our mother and father in their last days. I remember several trips to the hospital during those years for both our parents.  Cindy shares with us here how important it is to be present at those times whenever possible to […]

Caring for Father at Home: Changes in Mental Status Calls for a Safe Environment

Caring for Father at Home

This blog, is another in the Caring for Mother and Father at Home series of my sister Cindy’s insights as she cared for our father in his later years. Cindy noticed that Dad’s mental status could change dramatically and she had to learn to set up a safe environment for his care.     One […]

Managing an Alzheimer’s or Dementia Patient: Are You the One who is Angry?

Managing an Alzheimer’s

A common emotional reaction to stressful situations is anger.  Some research theorizes that anger can increase the risk of heart disease.  Dr. J.E. Williams directed an influential 5 year study on this finding by researching approximately 13,000 men and woman with no prior history of heart disease.  Researchers found a significantly higher rate of heart […]

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