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Articles by Joe Sills, Writer at Preferred Care at Home

A Personal Look at End-of-Life Care

End-of-life services can be a particularly emotional service to discuss with family caregivers and professional caregivers alike. One of my recent discussions with a Preferred Care at Home caregiver lead to end-of-life services; and her story reminded of one of my loved ones. It was in the very twilight of her life that my great-aunt […]

What Can Seniors Learn from the Home of an Ancient Tree?

Written By Joe Sills | caregivingseniors

As you read this blog, glance outside your window. What do you see? Likely, it’s an array of green plants thriving in the summer’s heat. Right now, temperatures across the United States are averaging well into the 90’s—certainly not comfortable for people. Yet, for the plants, it’s paradise. They bask in the sun, they blow […]

Keeping an Eye on Vision Can Help Fall Prevention at Home

Written By Joe Sills | seniors vision

Each year, one-third of seniors injure themselves by falling. In addition to being the leading cause of injury-related deaths among seniors, falls are a major concern for family caregivers who worry about a senior’s safety. We’ve already gone over five easy tips for fall prevention at home—but did you know that keeping an eye on your vision […]

Seniors Can Benefit from July UV Ray Safety

Written By Joe Sills | seniorssun safety

July is Federal Occupational Health’s UV Safety Month. Skin’s resistance to the sun declines as you age, leaving seniors at a higher risk to UV rays. As the summer gets in to full swing, seniors can benefit from a few simple tips to keep skin healthy in the sun: Be aware of the elements: Places […]

More Seniors are Enjoying Independence with Caregivers this 4th of July

Written By Joe Sills |

For most seniors, losing independence remains their biggest fear, but as we celebrate our nation’s anniversary, it’s uplifting to see that a growing number of it’s oldest citizens are still enjoying their independence thanks to caregivers and services like the ones Preferred Care at Home provides. In modern America, the Fourth of July get together […]

Five Simple Steps for In-Home Fall Prevention

Written By Joe Sills | fall prevention

Fall prevention is one of the most important aspects of home safety for seniors. When you think of home safety, you may shrug your shoulders. You may think, “I’ve been in this home for years. I know where everything is and I’ve never had any problems.” Many people feel this way, and many simply never […]

For Owners and Caregivers, Home Care Makes a Big Impact on Seniors

Written By Joe Sills | home care

DENVER, CO- Rita Scott is just settling in for the night when the phone rings. Though her work day as owner of Preferred Care at Home of Metro Denver is over, she is always on call. Rita knows that people depend on her during family emergencies, and those emergencies can come at any hour. As […]

Fighting Against Alzheimer’s One Caregiver at a Time

Every Sunday, an 87 year old Alzheimer’s client finds herself back in her prime. Up on the stage of a small brick chapel sequestered among the green oaks and pines of the American countryside, she sings with the choir. Up on the stage, her disease is vanquished. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s—the most prevalent […]

Family Caregivers Find Relief with Home Care

Written By Joe Sills | family caregiver

Family caregivers are often the unsung heroes of the family get-together. If you enjoyed the presence of a senior member in your family this Memorial Day weekend, chances are another family member—maybe a son, daughter, cousin, brother, or sister— helped them get there. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like hearing your grandparent or great-grandparent […]

In-Home Caregiver Gives Back

At Preferred Care at Home, care is more than just a service, it’s who we are.  If there’s anyone who understands this principle, it’s Linda Hoffman, a caregiver and elderly advocate working for Preferred Care at Home of Alaska. Linda grew up in Phoenix, Oregon, a small sleepy town tucked beside Interstate-5 about 9 hours […]

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