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Articles by Ashly Luckose

A time for daffodils

Let yourself wander and find your unplanned peace, your version of golden daffodils fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

The Winter Olympics: Ice Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Life is as awesome and exciting as you make it. Live life like the Winter Olympics, ice dance like nobody’s watching!

The Shape of your Heart

it is incontestable, and particularly apparent every February, that society is in complete denial about the actual shape of the human heart.

You may delay, but time will not

Time will take you through January, make sure your goals make it with you.

Preservation of a life well lived

As we approach the end of December and the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season, a time when families get to share the past and create moments in the present, we should think and talk more about things that are worthy of preservation, such as the thoughts, wishes, and choices of our loved ones.

Elder Law Attorneys, Picasso, and House Painters

Have you considered consulting with an elder law attorney? Read our brief overview of elder law. You may be just the person who may need one!

Trick-or-Treat: cutest of all felonies

Trick-or-treat is basically an extortion racket run by a mafia of 4-year-old mermaids, 11-year-old mummies, 8-year-old witches, and other baby-faced monsters.

Being A Bull Moose

Whatever maladies, trials, and pain may come your way, know that it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose such as yourself!

2017: The Year of the Natural Disaster

2017 will be remembered for years and decades to come, and not for reasons worth celebrating; it will be remembered for natural disasters like hurricanes Harvey and Irma, wildfires in California, Washington, and Oregon, as well as the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that devastated Mexico on September 19. We’ve seen the aftermath — the pictures and […]

The Forecast Calls for Helpers

“’Always look for the helpers,’ she’d tell me. ‘There’s always someone who is trying to help.’ I did, and I came to see that the world is full of doctors and nurses, police and firemen, volunteers, neighbors and friends who are ready to jump in to help when things go wrong.” – Fred Rogers

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