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Articles by Ashly Luckose

Elections, Divisions, and Fall of the Berlin Wall

In this time of elections and divisions, what helpful and practical takeaways can we remember from the November fall of the Berlin Wall?

Diagnosing Financial Abuse

financial abuse, senior abuse

To fight financial abuse, you must first identify it — but as you’d imagine, identifying it is the hardest part. Read on to find out what to look for!

Elder Employment: the on-going fight against Ageism

ageism, fighting, senior

Preferred Care at Home has a long history of campaigning against Ageism, and discrimination in elder employment is one of the most common forms of Ageism.

Counterfeit Crisis

Counterfeit prescription drugs present as one of the most potent dangers facing elderly Americans. Read on for tips on how to avoid counterfeits.

What does it mean to be Frail?

Written By Ashly Luckose, Esq. | frailfrailty

What does frailty feel like? Read to see how an exercise in empathy — or a walk in their Dr. Scholl’s — can show a person what it feels to be frail.

Sun, Fun, and Dehydration

Summer is here, and while we’re having fun in the sun, all the sweating could become a big problem, particularly for the elderly, due to dehydration.

There’s no place like home

For Dorothy, she was as far away from home as possible. How disorienting that must have been, among witches and lions and munchkins. For those with dementia, disorientation is a daily reality, often inescapable and all-encompassing.

In Their Memory, Our Duty

This Memorial Day, join us at Preferred Care at Home as we try to give back by helping and donating to organizations that support military families.

Gregor MacGregor’s confidence trick

Written By Ashly Luckose, Esq. |

Gregor MacGregor earned his place in history by pulling off a confidence trick so elaborate and cruel that it led hundreds to their deaths and cost investors billions in financial losses.

What Paul Brophy taught us

Discuss end-of-life care and advance directives today, as life is unpredictable. It’s what Paul Brophy taught us…

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