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How to Handle the Behavior Problems with Alzheimer’s Disease

As Alzheimer’s Disease progresses, changes in the brain cause decline in short-term memory and a slowing down in learning ability. There is a general decrease in cognitive powers, which affect the individual’s memory, thinking, reasoning, judgment and behavior. These changes, which occur throughout the nervous system, often cause an individual to become confused. As a... Read more

The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a loss of brain functioning that affects memory and behavior. There are three stages of Alzheimer’s, the signs and symptoms become more severe with each stage and eventually death occurs. Understanding the stages can help family members and caregivers provide loving care for those who suffer from this debilitating disease. Stage 1... Read more

Tiny Study Spurs Hope for Alzheimer’s Treatment

Once again, preliminary results from a small study have inspired cautious hope in the Alzheimer’s treatment world. Four people with Alzheimer’s who took the immune-disorders drug Gammagard ” had no decline in several measures of cognition and daily function for three years,” The New York Times reports. Sixteen patients completed three years of treatment. Five... Read more

6 Signs of Caregiver Burnout

The average family caregiver spends 20 hours per week caring for a loved one, while 13% of family caregivers provide care 40 hours or more per week.* The responsibility to provide long hours of care is typically added to an already full workload. As a family caregiver, you may feel the pressure that comes from... Read more

Mental-Health Treatment for Seniors Is Complex; Some Therapists Have Special Training

senior woman looking sad
Did you know there are people who specialize in mental-health care for seniors? The treatment considerations are more complicated than you might think—both for substance abuse and for mental-health problems—reports HealthDay News. Older people metabolize both alcohol and drugs differently from younger people, putting them at risk for overdoses. According to one estimate, almost two-thirds... Read more

Seniors May Be Stopping Antidepressants, Other Meds, in Medicare Donut Hole

senior with medication
Are your parents taking their medication? Some Medicare beneficiaries cut back when they reach the drug-coverage gap called the donut hole, according to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. Researchers looked at about 22,000 Medicare beneficiaries who have depression. When those without any donut-hole coverage hit the gap, their use of antidepressants... Read more

Are you stressed? The Warning Signs of Caregiver Burnout

As a family caregiver you understand the unique role you play in your loved one’s life. You, who were once a son, daughter, husband, wife, are now a caregiver. Your primary role of relating to your loved one has changed, now you are more than just a son or daughter, you are a caregiver. This... Read more

Heat-Related Illness in Seniors: Can You Recognize It?

seniors drinking water
Happy Fourth of July (almost)! As per usual this time of year, temperatures have been soaring, so while you’re celebrating with barbeques and fireworks, don’t forget to check on your elderly loved ones during the day if they aren’t with you. You may already know that seniors are more vulnerable to heat. But do you... Read more

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