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Holiday Gifts Can Preserve Memories As They Fade

This late 1800s fiddle is a reminder of generations passed.
As Leigh Ann Otte shared last week, one of the most engaging ways to interact with a senior diagnosed with Alzheimer’s during the holidays is to ask them about an event from long ago. Many times, an Alzheimer’s patient can recall events from their long-term memory with more ease than the short-term, so asking them... Read more

Walking Tall Since 1930: a Story of Senior Perseverance

At 82, Tedd Mayer has walked over 5,700 miles in the past ten years.
Firmly gripping the pair of stretching plastic bags in each hand, Tedd Mayer walked steadily towards his home. With each soft step, Tedd’s four mile journey to the stove top drew nearer to conclusion. It was a brisk wintery afternoon in the American Southeast–an afternoon with cool grey skies and an even cooler North wind;... Read more

How to Include People With Alzheimer’s in Christmas Conversations

shutterstock_78045388 (1)
Christmastime can mean a whirlwind of activity, not just with activities but with friends and family coming by to say hi. And this can all become quite the adventure if you care for someone who has Alzheimer’s. One challenge you may face is making sure that person is included in holiday conversations. Michelle Barclay, vice... Read more

Other Diseases That Cause Alzheimer’s Symptoms

When you start having memory problems, the first cause that comes to mind is probably Alzheimer’s. And that’s a diagnosis that’s hard to face. So many people put off seeing the doctor about their symptoms. If you ignore it, it’s not real, right? But the Houston Chronicle points out that there are lots of other... Read more

Benefits of Learning New Technology for Seniors

Forty-nine years have passed since the summer of 1963, when Chuck Berry first dialed long distance information for Memphis, Tennessee—and in that 49 years communication technology has changed even more than rock ‘n’ roll. Yes, you can still make that long distance phone call to Marie. You can also text, Skype, email or tweet her.... Read more

Medication Confusion Sending Medicare Patients Back to the Hospital

The new push to prevent hospital readmissions in Medicare patients is in full swing, and Kaiser Health News reports on some interesting findings so far. In a nutshell, hospitals say many patients don’t even understand what they’re supposed to do during the recovery process. That’s sending them back for more costly, stressful hospital stays. Take... Read more

Cabin Fever Prevention in Memphis

The first whispers of Jack Frost’s cold breathe have begun to sweep across the Bluff City this week, and with them travels an urge to bundle up on the sofa, light the yule logs, and bunker down at home for the winter. For some of us, the idea of a warm blanket and glowing television... Read more

Talking With Aging Parents: Are You Putting It Off?

shutterstock_109529969 (1)
The turkey’s eaten, the gatherings are done, and now you’re back in the real world, routine restored. But if you visited aging parents this year, you may have some questions lingering in the back of your mind—especially if you noticed they’re looking older or frailer than last time you saw them. Do I have the... Read more

Financial Advice for Caregivers: 3 Websites With Tips

This time of year is about gratitude, family and food—you pick which comes first. On the family end, if you’re caring for aging parents, whether through hands-on help or guidance from afar, you may find some information recently put out by the National Council on Aging helpful. In a press release, they list six websites... Read more

Senior Storytelling, a View from the Kids

It’s usually nestled in the corner, tucked out of view. Always on the periphery of your vision and your conversation, but it is always there–the children’s table. As families gather for holiday feasts, allow yourself to go back in time to your children’s table. Place yourself in the diminutive seats of your youth, with clothes... Read more
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