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Study: Dance Therapy Improves Balance Levels in Seniors

Any elder care services provider will tell you that exercise is essential for maintaining the well-being of senior citizens. In fact, our last blog entry discussed that exact topic. Today we’re going to focus on a very specific type of exercise that can help seniors avoid taking unnecessary falls that could potentially lead to serious injuries. No... Read more

In Home Elder Care You Can Trust

What separates us from other in home elder care services is the fact that we make sure that we are providing you with reliable and trustworthy caregivers who want to help you. Preferred Care at Home, understands that by asking for our help you are making a big step and it is our job to... Read more

The Benefits of Elder Home Care

There are many upsides that elder home care provides for your aging parents, for you, and for your family. Having your parents at home gives your children the benefit of having a loving grandparent nearby and it minimizes the disruptions that your parents may have to go through. Senior living communities or nursing homes may... Read more

The Elderly Benefit Greatly from Regular Exercise

It’s no secret that regular exercise has a host of health benefits. Yet most of the older adults in the country still live inactive lifestyles. This trend has to stop, because one of the effective ways to provide elderly care is to show the elderly how they can care for themselves and getting them on... Read more

Elderly Care and the Sandwich Generation

Millions of Americans find themselves among the Sandwich Generation, a group responsible for raising their children, and providing elderly care for their parents. To say the least, this is nothing less than challenging and at times stressful. We all hope that our parents will age gracefully but unfortunately for many of us it does not... Read more

Safeguarding Stairs to Protect Seniors

Sadly, thousands of American seniors fall and injure themselves every year. Although not all of the injuries are serious, some of them are. Thousands of elderly individuals end up in a hospital as a result of falling on an annual basis. Even more disconcerting is that these tumbles can even end up being fatal on... Read more

Elderly Home Care Agencies: What to look for

Choosing a home care provider to meet the ongoing needs of elderly loved ones can be a challenging prospect to many families and caretakers. Unfamiliar to the field, sticker shock and curious practices can turn off many prospective shoppers, and result in families shouldering the increasingly burdensome needs of many beloved seniors. This often results in those... Read more

August is Cataract awareness month.

It is important for everyone to know the signs and symptoms of cataracts. It is important to see your eye doctor on a regular basis for ensuring overall eye health, but how do you know if you should make a special trip to have a discussion about the possibility of having cataracts? A cataract is... Read more

Alzheimer’s Awareness Week

When most people think of Alzheimer’s disease, they think of memory loss. However, it is also an illness that incapacitates not only the patient who has the disease, but also those who take care of them at home. More than 27 percent of Americans have a loved one with the disease, and it is the... Read more

Participating in the Senior Resource Panel

I love events, basketball games, tennis matches, weddings and showers, whatever the event was it is always a great time to spend with friends and family. After a big event, our family would sit back and talk about it. I always wanted to know from my kids,  “What did you enjoy the most about it?”... Read more

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