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New Year’s Resolution: Improving Home Safety for the Elderly

With the New Year just a few days away, many Americans will be making a list of resolutions in hopes of altering some facet of their lifestyle in the upcoming year. While some are looking toward workout gyms to lose a few pounds, other people are setting financial goals in the form of budgets and... Read more

Dealing With Elderly Depression During the Holidays

This past weekend, major portions of our country were covered with snow, with some places receiving as much as two feet! While some were bothered by immobility due to the storm, many others took out their sleds and hit the hills. The NY Times even reported that Mayor Bloomberg and the city government provided free... Read more

The Dangers of Polypharmacy

Asprin, Lipitor, Levoxyl, Warfarin, Potassium, Prinivil, Niacin… and the list of prescription and over the counter medications go on. Do you know the dangers of mixing medications with each other? Or do you rely solely on your doctor and pharmacist to know your entire list of medications?   While the medications listed above are often... Read more

Tips to Preventing Polypharmacy

The key to preventing polypharmacy is to be aware of what you are taking and to talk to a health care professional. Start with these tips from the 2009 Health Alliance Plan. Always read labels. Use only one pharmacy to fill prescriptions. We suggest a local pharmacy where you can develop a relationship with the... Read more

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